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About Us


Together we have more fun...

We see our cafés as spaces for innovative creative folk to develop work and ideas from. We love to collaborate with other exciting people

We also organize bi-monthly exhibitions and experiences with our collaborators. If you are interested in being part of these drop us a line. 

We are what we eat...

Coffee is really important to us. We use fellow Kiwi run Allpress, who are local and do responsibly sourced super tasting coffee.

We focus on using organic and seasonal produce which means our food is seriously fresh. All our produce is as un-tampered with and as natural as we can find it.

Our menu is driven by our own personal experience of food intolerances. We are very aware of allergies, and are committed to giving more variety to people with gluten, dairy and wheat tolerances and Paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets.

We have carefully hand picked our suppliers, so we are able to trace our ingredients back to their source. Our eggs come from happy free range hens at Clarence Court. Our suppliers share our values about food production, such as our rare breed meat supplier Ginger Pig. Happy food tastes good. 

We are strong advocates of all things East London so locally based suppliers are also big part of our philosophy. 

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